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How To Avoid The Causes Of Eczema In Toddlers: Top 5 Tips

There are a variety of causes that can be the causes of eczema in toddlers. Eczema is a collective set of conditions that cause the skin to be itchy, red, and inflamed. Eczema is a common condition among babies and toddlers which can be caused by a variety of different factors.

Having said that, a top concern for many parents is protecting their child from many of these eczema triggers as possible. The following are 5 great tips to help parents avoid eczema triggers for their toddlers, to lessen their chances of experiencing flare-ups and skin issues on a day-to-day basis:

1. Know The Eczema Symptoms To Look For:

The first step to treating your toddler’’s eczema diagnosis is understanding what symptoms to look for when your toddler is having a flare-up. Eczema usually manifests itself as dry, itchy, inflamed patches of red skin that may appear in various places all over your child’s body.

2. Know Your Toddler’s Eczema Triggers:

One big key to avoiding eczema flare-ups for your toddler is to understand their specific triggers (triggers can be different for each child) and actively avoiding those triggers to ensure that your child experiences few flare-ups as is necessary. Triggers can include pet dander, pollen, and dust. Triggers can be different for each child. Knowing your child’s triggers and actively avoiding those triggers can help your child experience fewer flare-ups.

3. Bathe Your Eczema Toddler Daily:

Providing your toddler with a daily bathing and cleaning routine can help stave off any dirt and grime that may trigger eczema breakouts. This will help protect skin and lock in moisture which will make eczema flare-ups less likely to occur as often.

4. Use Eczema Treatments As Advised By Your Toddler’s Doctor:

Use over-the-counter and prescription topical solutions as recommended to you by your toddler’s doctor. Using these treatments regularly before a flare-up occurs can leave the flare-ups much less severe and will help your child be less uncomfortable when the condition does flareup.

5. Communicate About Your Toddler’s Eczema With Others:

If your toddler is going to need treatment during pre-school hours or at sports practices or any other activity, communicate these needs with the other adults involved in your child’s life. Provide clear instructions as to what is needed and copies of prescriptions if required by your child’s daycare, school, coaches, after-school caregivers, etc. so your child is able to get the treatment any time they need it, even if they are not home with you at the time.

There is no known cure for eczema. However, knowing what causes your toddler’s flare-ups and actively avoiding them as well as maintaining proper hygiene and treatment plans as prescribed by your child’s doctor can help keep your child’s eczema under control.

If you believe your toddler is suffering from eczema please feel free to visit us at Hopes Relief to help your child get on a treatment plan that will help them on their way to controlling their eczema and experiencing less uncomfortable flare-ups moving forward.